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Embedded language and its runtime compiler (for programmers)

(release date: 2018-08-08) (4 MB) rcalc.pdf (1 MB)


About RCALC:

RCALC is a small and simple embedded language (similar to C) and a runtime compiler for Windows programmers.
It allows you to execute a dynamic script code from the level of your own application in the runtime.

RCALC module is a part of REPCoder.DLL (REPCoder64.DLL).
It has the programming interfaces for C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi.

Using this API the final application can execute at runtime a dynamical script code, passing necessary input parameters to it. The text of an algorithm can be read from any possible source (external files, databases, network, edit windows) as required by the host program.

Possible applications of the RCALC module: